Breathwork for First Responders

Why Breathwork?

First Responders need to know how to manage their physiology in order to maintain the clarity and present moment awareness to ensure effective communication, organization and coordination of activities and resources. Breathwork is a tool that can be used to focus awareness and channel energy. It is also the perfect tool for developing the qualities of mindfulness, resiliency, empathy, and intuition.

Professionals need to show up at their best, every day, no matter what. In order to bring our best to an event, interaction, or a situation, we need to be in touch with ourselves and our internal resources; we need the energy to perform, and a certain level of comfort and ease in our body; and we must have with mental clarity and emotional balance. In an emergency, we need people who can remain calm and alert, relaxed and energized.

How It Helps

First responders need to know how to manage their mental and emotional state; and they need to be good at arousal control and focused attention. All of this is dependent on presence and breath. Breathwork keeps peak performers at the top of their game and sharply focused in the present moment. With breath awareness, our perceiving mind comes online, and our situational awareness is heightened. We find ourselves noticing and intuitively responding to things that the average person would not notice or struggles to perceive.

When it comes to stress and anxiety, anger or upset, it’s easier to keep up than it is to catch up. It’s best to learn breathwork techniques to understand and process physical, mental and emotional states as they arise rather than allowing them to build up to distracting, disturbing, or unmanageable levels.

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