Breathwork for Children

What is Breathwork for Children?

If a child is immersed in love, he becomes loving … If he’s offered help when he needs help, he becomes helpful. And if he is truly valued at home … he grows up secure enough to look beyond himself to the welfare of others.
~ Dr. Joyce Brothers

When presented in a simple form, children will easily identify and share their beliefs and feelings along with their defenses. Once a safe environment is established with the facilitator, a basic circular breath is all that is needed to move the energy and activate the process. It is a perfect opportunity to teach the breath as a stress management tool that can be done on their own and used as needed.  Often breathwork is coupled with other mindfulness practices which can be extremely helpful in focusing attention in children.

There are those who are taking the work with the breath into elementary schools and communities as well as working privately (as I do) with children. Imagine coaching a child through the rough spots and teaching them the tools to manage the stress of growing up in today’s world. There is no better investment than that of the “next generation”.

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Semi-private, small group sessions are available however these are usually centered around family/caregivers. Workshops are also available upon request. Please know that you will not be turned away due to financial challenges, if you require special consideration, please request it.

If you require further information regarding breathwork prior to scheduling your appointment, please contact Judy at

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