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Involution Inc. is an integrative practice focused on mental health and wellness. Our clinicians regularly work with members of the general public, Veterans, and first responders who struggle with a variety of concerns, including: depression, anxiety, stress management, anger, trauma, PTSD, grief, pregnancy loss and infertility, insomnia, relationship difficulties, self-esteem difficulties, and other emotional and behavioral issues.

Mental health is impacted by a variety of different factors, including physical and emotional wellness as well as your environment.

With this understanding, we provide clients with comprehensive treatment using a variety of modalities, including: cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), evidence-based trauma treatment, including Prolonged Exposure (PE) and Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), Gottman therapy for couples, Numa Breathwork, sound therapy, and mindfulness-based treatment.

We believe that true foundational healing fundamentally involves recognizing and working with the mind/body connection. Our practice utilizes evidence-based treatments that enable us to work with both the mind and the manifestation of emotional experiences that get stored in the body.

Our Passion is Helping Others

Our Team

Judy Lefort

Certified Numa Breathwork Facilitator, RYT200, Mindfulness Coach, Business Consultant

Judy is the Founder / President of Involution Inc. She is a Certified Numa Breathwork Facilitator, Yoga Teacher and Mindfulness Coach.  Her private practice serves adults and children for breathwork and mindfulness practices as well as First Responders and Veterans. Concurrently with her passionate yogic journey, was a generous 32-year career in dentistry which covered administration, registration as a Dental Assistant and the formation of a successful consulting company where continuing education, risk management and business efficiencies were a specialty. Judy earned a diploma in Conflict Resolution from the Alberta Arbitration and Mediation Society at the University of Calgary in 2003.

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As science continues to reveal the benefits of Mindfulness Practices, Judy continues to evolve her own personal practice as a “forever student” of mindfulness and yoga. She connects eastern philosophy to the western mindset with ease and clarity.  Within the corporate community, she is a popular motivational speaker praised as being engaging, authentic and humorous.

Mindfulness practice began for Judy at a very young age as a part of competitive activities which required focused attention and breath awareness.  Later in life these practices returned in Martial Arts training and transformed again along her yogic path.  She has been blessed to have studied and trained for many years with some of the worlds best yogis to whom she is eternally grateful.  Judy has taught yoga, meditation and breath locally here in Calgary, across Canada and Internationally for more than 15 years.  During her yogic tenure she has been privileged to contribute to teacher trainings for up and coming yoga teachers at Inspired Yoga Institute in Calgary and to collaborate with many amazing practitioners in various therapeutic works.

As a Certified Numa Breathwork Facilitator, Judy feels fortunate to have the honour of offering this medicine both privately and in group settings here in Calgary and in facilitator trainings across Canada.  Numa Breathwork has been life changing for Judy on her personal journey with trauma, it has brought her back full circle – back to her breath; back to the focused attention that each moment this precious life calls each person to bear witness to.

Jennifer Primmer

Ph.D., RPC, C.Ht

Dr. Jennifer Primmer is a Registered Professional Counsellor. In her private practice, she works with members of the community, Veterans, Correctional Officers, and First Responders who have experienced traumatic events. She is a highly sought after keynote speaker in the areas of emotion, trauma, effective communication, non-verbal behavior, stress management, motivational interviewing, and personal and professional wellness. Dr. Primmer has published works in internationally recognized academic journals and is a prominent workshop/seminar leader.

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Dr. Jennifer Primmer is a Registered Professional Counsellor with the Canadian Professional Counsellors Association. She is also an internationally certified Hypnotherapist with the National Guild of Hypnotists. Jennifer received her undergraduate degree in Philosophy with an emphasis in Cognitive Science and a Minor in Law from Dalhousie University, a Master’s degree in Philosophy from the University of Saskatchewan, and a Ph.D in Philosophy with an emphasis in Cognitive Science from McMaster University.

Jennifer focuses on providing treatment to members of the general public, Veterans, and First Responders who have experienced traumatic events of different kinds. She routinely works with individuals, couples, and families facing a range of mental health and adjustment concerns. Some of these have included post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, depression, self-esteem issues, relationship issues, stress management, grief and loss, anger/aggression, and other emotional and behavioral issues.

She is committed to employing evidence-based treatments in her practice to better assist her clients to overcome challenges and increase their quality of life. These treatments include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), Prolonged Exposure (PE), Accelerated Resolution Therapy (ART), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), and Mindfulness-Based Treatment. She also utilizes the Gottman Therapy approach to assist couples having difficulties in their relationship. Every patient has a unique path to healing and emotional processing – Jennifer facilitates this with openness, warmth, and a clear path towards meeting therapeutic goals.

In addition, Jennifer is regularly engaged to speak at community-based events on a range of topics, including post-traumatic stress disorder, trauma, critical incident stress, resiliency, work-
life balance, non-verbal communication, and stress management. In 2016, she organized a sold-out gala in conjunction with Wounded Warriors Canada called PTSD911: An Evening Hope, benefiting veterans, first responders, and their families.

In her spare time, Jennifer volunteers with Military Minds Inc. – an international organization comprised of combat veterans offering peer support services for veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder. As the resident “Doc”, she creates programs to assist veterans and their families overcome the struggles associated with occupational stress injuries.

Focused on Healing


Counselling Services

Dr. Primmer is committed to employing evidence-based treatments in her practice to better assist her clients overcome challenges and increase their quality of life. She believes that effective counselling fundamentally involves working both with the mind and the manifestation of emotional experiences stored in the body.


Advanced Hypnotherapy is Psychotherapy that uses the natural, relaxed state of hypnosis to access the subconscious part of your mind. Through the subconscious mind, one can create positive and lasting changes. If you want to overcome self-limiting thoughts, feelings, or behaviours, your subconscious mind is a powerful tool in creating that change.

Numa Breathwork

Numa Breathwork is a practice that utilizes the easy method of conscious breathing together with mindful explorations in movement and the therapeutic vibration of sound. This is a practice in returning to natural, unrestricted breathing. The practice starts with mimicking, as best as possible, a natural breathing experience and ends with being breathed.

Breathwork for First Responders

Breathing Training is a must for people who work in high stakes, high stress, or life or death situations. Breathwork Training is a key skillset that high performing individuals need. People whose job it is to save lives, manage crisis situations, and coordinate emergency activities need to have a head on their shoulders and be in touch with their hearts.

Mindfulness Practices

Mindfulness is different from our default mode.  Developing a steady and non-reactive attention is often radically different from the way we are in the world, helping us be present in our lives and giving us some control over our reactions and repetitive thought patterns.

Breathwork for Children

Imagine what life would be like if your beliefs were counteracted before you see them as fact? Consider the possibilities of knowing the truth much earlier. The younger we are, the less armoring we carry. In the absence of resistance to the process, the breath can do its job quickly.

Everyone has a Story

Numa Testimonials

  • Judy is an incredible teacher and masterful breathwork facilitator. The time we’ve spent together created a kind of easeful abundance that I did not know was possible. Judy’s words, presence, and encouragements are so ripe with love and integrity that resting in them created a transformative trust for me. Thank you, Judy.

    Carolyn S.
  • My experience of Judy’s support during breathwork is deeply nurturing, loving, kind, intuitive and fluid. She has an exquisite understanding of the body’s many layers of expression, and with a gentle and strong touch, and presence, bit by bit, she helps to realign my body’s patterned propensities, while guiding me to bring awareness and care to my ever-evolving physical and emotional state.  I trust in the space she holds, and I feel as though we are working together – to uncover, discover and embrace all that arises.  I so appreciate you Judy!

    Leah B.
  • The care with which Judy approaches each and every person is remarkable. She sees, she listens, and she supports with all of her awareness, and senses.  I have received 1:1 support from Judy during numerous breathwork sessions and I can honestly say that her skill and presence is a profound gift

    Kylie J
  • Judy holds such a clear, grounded and present container for you to dive deeply into this work.  She taps into a profound place of love, holds compassion and understanding for this “being human” journey.  I have shared intense moments with her where I have felt truly seen on a soul level. Her encouragement and guidance has opened me to a deeper level of trusting my inner voice again.  I am truly grateful for her support, playfulness, wisdom and her fierce heart!

    Sian T

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